The 3 questions that concern

most people with an up-coming event or occasion are: -


1. Should I have someone to run       the day for me?

2. What would they do for me?

3. What would it cost me?

In simple terms: - 

1. To have someone who knows the correct procedures & protocols to run the occasion for you guarantees that not only will everything go "According to Plan", but you will also be able to relax and enjoy the occasion with all your guests and not be worrying about "What do I do Next"?

2. I would advise you on what might be the best way to go about arranging the occasion. However; the final decision on the "Running Order" would be yours and yours alone. So that when I begin my day with you, you & I will both know that we are following an agreed plan.


3. The cost will depend on a number of details, such as Number of Guests, Type of Function, etc.

Why not just "Send me a Note" and we can discuss it over the phone. Include your phone number and I will call you back.

That's a promise.


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