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Gareth Corris-Jones FGPT

Fellow of

The Guild of Professional Toastmasters.

Pleased to Serve, Whilst Serving to Please.

A Brief Introduction.

​Organising an important function, like a Wedding, a Dinner/Dance, Gala Awards Ceremony​​ and the like, can be quite a stressful task.

Questions such as, "Who does what"? "When should that happen"? "Who is responsible for doing this or that"? can be a real worry.

There is a solution though; and you've obviously thought about it. Or why else would you be here, reading this?

The Answer? Engage the Services of a Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies​.

Someone, like myself, who's been Trained to the Highest possible Standard, by some of the most experienced Trainers in the UK.

​In any major function there are certain protocols & procedures which would traditionally be followed. A Professionally Trained Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies would be aware of these and would know how to proceed with them.

​When you've spent a really long time organising a major event or function you deserve the right to sit back on the day and enjoy the occasion with everyone else.

To enable you to do this, simply engage the services of myself and I will ensure that everything goes just the way you want it to.

Distinguished Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome, to my Website.

Gareth Corris-Jones soon after Graduating from The Professional Toastmasters Academy.