Let's be honest. How many people do you know who are aware of the "Correct Protocols" involved in conducting a Traditional English Wedding?

What's the correct order for the "Receiving Line"?

What's the recommended "Seating Arrangement for Top-Table"?

​What is the "Usual Order of Speeches after the Wedding Breakfast"?

What is the "Accepted Order of The Toasts & Replies" after a Ladies Festival Banquet?

What are the "Correct Forms of Address" at a Civic Luncheon in the Mayors Parlour?

And who takes "Precedence".

The questions are endless.

However, being a Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies, who was trained by some of the leading Instructors in this profession, at The Toastmasters Academy in London; the West-End, to be precise, I have this wealth of knowledge at my finger-tips.

Whatever Function, Occasion, Celebration or Event you are planning, you can rest assured that I will have the know-how to deal with it.

Weddings.                                                                                                         Dinner-Dances.

Awards Ceremonies.                                                                                        Ladies Festivals.Ambassadorial Receptions.​                                                                                Civic Lunches.

Fashion Shows.                                                                                                 Charity Events.​Product Launches.                                                                            Topping-Out Ceremonies.

The range of Events in which a Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies can officiate is pretty much endless. Whenever you should need someone to take charge of the running of any celebration, be it Wedding Reception, Dinner-Dance, Awards Ceremony, Ladies Festival, Embassy Reception, Civic Luncheon, etc., you would always benefit from the services of a Professional Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies.

Your Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies would ensure that everything runs on time, goes according to plan and leaves you with nothing to do but to

"Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the Occasion with all your Guests".

What can I do for you?

Officiating at a Wedding in a 17th Century Barn in Essex